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Your Internal IT Department

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You've got serious response time issues.

You had a problem eight hours ago (or worse, yesterday) and you still haven't gotten an response, let alone a resolution. This is a sure sign that your business is not a priority to your current vendor and they lack the communication and IT skills necessary to support you.

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You feel trapped by your current IT company.

They have your passwords. They know your systems. They've documented nothing. If you're worried about what might happen if you tell them you're going to switch IT services providers, that's a clear sign that the time has come to switch providers. We can support you and protect your business when you decide to switch.

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You lack genuine IT solutions to your problems.

Your current vendor is willing to sell you every technology product, but they can't provide you with anything that does what you need it to do. You need business intelligence and a way to leverage big data and you just don't have it. You need customized solutions and business intelligence to leverage big data. We can give that to you. 

These are problems that you really shouldn’t have to deal with. When you bring in an IT firm to help your business, these are problems that hurt your business.

We're here to prove that there IS an IT company who takes your business every bit as seriously as you do

If you’re responsible for the IT framework of your company, ask yourself if any of these issues apply to you:

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We’re part of your team, we adopt your company culture, and we solve your IT problems.

Our Approach


At AdvanTech, we start with your business and work our way to a customized solution, keeping you out of the "one size fits all" box.

Our heavy focus on discovery and planning guarantees that whatever we provide aligns with solving your issues and makes a difference in helping you reach your goals.

Our core services begin with, but are not limited to:
Managed Services

All of the benefits you would expect from your own IT department for one fixed, affordable monthly fee.

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projects & consulting

Infrastructure upgrades, network design, technology assessments and more, our senior engineers manage your projects from conception to delivery.

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Custom Solutions / Data Intelligence

Instead of forcing your people to change the way they like to work to make up for the limitations of your technology, isn't it time to implement solutions that are built with them in mind?

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VOIP & Unified Communications

Unified Communications are a perfect chance to not only unify all of your employees, but all of your locations as well.

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Common Misconceptions About Managed IT Services

In our many years in this business, we've come to realize that a lot of the reasons people give for why improving their IT support is impossible are misconceptions, plain and simple.
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Poor IT Support is Standard

"That's just the way things are, what do you expect?"

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Constant Vulnerability

"I'm always going to be exposed because my IT services provider 'holds all the keys.'"

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A Lack of Knowledge

"I need to know everything about IT if I'm going to be able to make an informed decision."

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Custom Solutions Can't Help

"Only enterprise businesses can afford (or need) custom solutions that leverage big data."

We've designed our business to not only break down these misconceptions forever, but to also show how effortless the ideal IT services infrastructure can be.

Who We Help

We’re confident in our ability to enable Southern New England businesses grow with the power of technology.

Advantech works best with businesses that:
  • Understand that their IT services are only as good as the strategy that is driving them.

  • Value relationships and a true partnership approach

  • Are looking for opportunities to help their IT infrastructure operate in the most efficient way possible.

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But we’re not for everyone... we’re probably not a good fit if:
  • You’re looking for someone who will do little more than take orders. We want to use our expertise to find real solutions to the problems you’re facing.

  • You see your IT company as just another vendor instead of a managed IT services partner. We want to build relationships with you and your people.

  • You’re looking for a "one size fits all" approach to IT. We want to come up with the IT strategy that will uniquely propel your business forward.

Learn more about what makes Advantech unique.

Real Results

We may be experts at talking about the technology we provide, but we’ve found that nobody is better at speaking to the value we provide than the people we work hard to serve every day.

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Having recently implemented a custom job costing system to replace our old ways of using excel to quote jobs, we also wanted to allow our managers to be able to work remotely with the same speed they could from within the office. AdvanTech set us up so that we can easily access and work from a job site, or even from home. Our team can be as productive as we need them to be. Not to mention, over the years AdvanTech has kept us up to date with server upgrades and network improvements.

Mike Fanning

President, ATI, Inc.

Fall River, MA

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Who We Help

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Small & Medium Business

Proudly Serving Southern New England


AdvanTech is proud for the opportunity to provide our innovative and unique blend of managed IT services in all of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and certain parts of Connecticut.

As much as we'd like to, we can't help everybody - but in some cases we will travel outside of our general service area in New England - just ask.

Break Free from IT Support That’s Putting You to Work

Isn’t it time to leave the slow responsiveness,  poor communication and lack of vision for your business and your technology behind? Isn’t it time to finally put IT to work for you, instead of the other way around? Instead of picking up the phone and calling the people who got you into this mess in the first place (and waiting another day or two for a response,) give us a call instead.

Call us at (508) 676-7800 or click the button below to schedule your "Getting to Know You" phone call with one of our senior engineers.