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Business and Customer Data Protection

Protecting your business and customer information through best practice cybersecurity is our top priority. Cyber attacks are constantly evolving. Hackers are learning how to conduct data breaches in new and alarming ways, with small businesses being their main targets. 43% of data breaches involve small businesses, and business is lost as a result of most of those cyber attacks.

The data you hold is priceless – bank information, customer PII, proprietary data, and more. What would you do to protect it?

We can build a customized defensive strategy to keep your data safe from hackers, phishers, vishers, ransomware attackers, and more – protecting your data, and your business.

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How We Handle Cybersecurity

  • Deliver and implement a full cybersecurity framework to help monitor and protect our client's proprietary and process-related data

  • Act as the first line of cybersecurity defense against data breaches

  • Guard the IT utilization layers and prevent the risk of IT-related downtime

  • Use the right enterprise-class IT solutions and cybersecurity tools that are uniquely necessary for the customized plan used to protect your business

  • Protect through constant implementation and evaluation, as well as 24/7 IT Help Desk Support

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Customized Managed Security for the Best Data Protection

Cybersecurity Customized

Our cybersecurity solutions are uniquely designed for your unique business. We'll design a cybersecurity framework mitigating unplanned IT downtime and protecting your company's confidential data from criminals and competitors. Through our managed services, we'll handle your infrastructure and server maintenance to ensure you're always getting the best level of protection.
Our support team is ready for your call, looking out for your business's cybersecurity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Our cybersecurity strategies work with your company, optimizing what already works, instead of changing the way you work.

We'll Cover All Your Questions

  • Understanding what data should be protected
  • Finding that data, whether it's in the cloud, on third-party applications, or elsewhere
  • Keeping employees from becoming a data-theft risk
  • Providing the cybersecurity knowledge and experience
  • Responding to a cybersecurity incident promptly and adequately

Real Results

Packaging Technology Group first came to us after switching from a different managed services provider that they had been working with for years. While the previous provider did some things well, many of their core challenges weren't being addressed: they didn't have a standard practice in place for sharing information, onboarding new employees, or resolving lingering computer issues for their users:

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"After switching to Advantech, they standardized our new hire onboarding procedure and took over most of it on our behalf. We're a growing company, so that was something really important for us. We onboarded a few new employees in the first three months and we had zero issues.

They also helped us save money on laptops by doing the purchasing for us. Their consistent service meets our business needs through innovative solutions and reliable support, designed to keep our systems fully operational. For this reason, we rely on our continuing relationship, which in turn allows us to focus on our business.

P.S. Our onboarding and transition process from our previous provider, to AdvanTech, was seamless!"

Jennifer Robitaille
Jennifer Robitaille

Administrative Executive, Packaging Technology Group

Fall River, MA

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All It Takes is a Phone Call to Get Started

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