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At Advantech, we truly believe that actions speak louder than words. It's one thing for us to write thousands of words about how advanced our services are, how comprehensive our support is, and similar matters. It's another thing to show you - or in this case, let our clients tell you everything you need to know.

Precise Packaging

When Precise Packaging, a packaging firm based out of our hometown of Fall River, Massachusetts, first engaged Advantech IT over a decade ago, they were doing the majority of their processes by hand.

One such example of those manual processes was the weighing of perfume bottles before and after filling in order to pass quality assurance standards.
Our relationship began, slowly but surely, by replacing their analog scales with digital alternatives. And little by little, over the next ten years, we helped bring Precise Packaging into the modern era with a full suite of equipment, tools and other assets.
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"Years ago our business collected data about its quality and manufacturing systems manually. The sheer volume of man hours required to analyze output were proving to be an issue. Over the course of our 15 year relationship with AdvanTech, we've been able to setup a Quality Manufacturing monitoring system. This has allowed us to grow as a Company with the same quality infrastructure and approximately the same headcount.

AdvanTech also helped us implement a custom Production System, with downtime reason codes and tools in place to increase efficiency. In conjunction with these efforts, AdvanTech installed large LED displays throughout our production plant so we always have actionable, real-time intelligence of our operations in view. Over a decade later, we continue to work hand-in-hand with AdvanTech and make improvements to our infrastructure every day, raising our own goals, thresholds, and productivity."

Jeff Messier
Jeff Messier

CFO, Precise Packaging

Fall River, MA

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Pro-Tect Fireproofing

When Pro-Tect Fireproofing engaged us, one of the big things they were in need of was a suitable replacement to their resource planning system. They've been a leader in their industry for the past 30 years, but with the next generation having taken on leadership of the company, their archaic scheduling system from the 1980s needed to go.

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"As we've grown, so have our IT requirements, and the AdvanTech team has kept pace with us, anticipating our needs and providing unique solutions for our server systems, backups, and more. Two examples of the outstanding work they provided are the replacement of our scheduling system and our quoting system.

AdvanTech completely digitized our scheduling system to organize resource planning and project management. They integrated a giant touchboard in the office, and iPads, which allow us to have real-time schedules, crew contact info, updated weather, and more, right at our fingertips.

Our quoting system was outdated, and for years we struggled finding a suitable replacement. No software in our market offered solutions to our exact needs, and that's where AdvanTech came up with a fully customized solution that has allowed us to more accurately quote jobs, track change orders, excess materials in use, and more. With our widely disbursed workforce, staying connected is essential, and we rely heavily on AdvanTech for their support services."

Ken Waterworth, Jr
Ken Waterworth, Jr

President - Pro-Tect Fireproofing

Waterbury, CT

Packaging Technology Group

Packaging Technology Group first came to us after switching from a different managed services provider that they had been working with for years. While the previous provider did some things well, many of their core challenges weren't being addressed: they didn't have a standard practice in place for sharing information, onboarding new employees, or resolving lingering computer issues for their users:

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"After switching to Advantech, they standardized our new hire onboarding procedure and took over most of it on our behalf. We're a growing company, so that was something really important for us. We onboarded a few new employees in the first three months and we had zero issues.

They also helped us save money on laptops by doing the purchasing for us. Their consistent service meets our business needs through innovative solutions and reliable support, designed to keep our systems fully operational. For this reason, we rely on our continuing relationship, which in turn allows us to focus on our business.

P.S. Our onboarding and transition process from our previous provider, to AdvanTech, was seamless!"

Jennifer Robitaille
Jennifer Robitaille

Administrative Executive, Packaging Technology Group

Fall River, MA

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Acoustic Thermal Insulators

We've worked with ATI for many years supporting their IT infrastructure, they engaged us with helping their team work remotely. We set them up with a secure and FAST connection.

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“Having recently implemented a custom job costing system to replace our old ways of using excel to quote jobs, we also wanted to allow our managers to be able to work remotely with the same speed they could from within the office. AdvanTech set us up so that we can easily access and work from a job site, or even from home. Our team can be as productive as we need them to be. Not to mention, over the years AdvanTech has kept us up to date with server upgrades and network improvements.”


President, ATI, Inc.

Fall River, MA

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