AdvanTech IT: Who We Are

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AdvanTech IT was founded with the goal of addressing a sizable gap in the IT marketplace. We provide personalized business solutions to prevent IT issues for your business's unique IT framework.

Larger IT companies are often equipped to offer advanced IT solutions for businesses, but they lack responsive and personal support. While smaller companies can excel at providing personal relationships, but they're often forced into a reactive cycle, offering little to no strategic insights.

Looking to fill the gap in the marketplace, AdvanTech provides the power, IT solutions, managed security, and strategic approaches of larger IT companies, with the personalized touch of the smaller ones: sophistication and personality, innovation and specificity.

We don't offer pre-packaged solutions. We make every effort to understand your business, we help build customized IT service packages that work for your individual business and unique IT needs. Whether you want to improve workflow processes, manage tech vendors, increase productivity, increase cybersecurity, or all of the above and more, we'll be there for you every step of the way.
AdvanTech is proud to be a certified Women's Business Enterprise (WBE) by the State of Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office (SDO).
Our offices are located in Fall River Massachusetts and we serve clients throughout all of New England.

AdvanTech Leadership Team

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Chief Operating Officer, President

Crystal brings more than 15 years of executive level business experience to AdvanTech, overseeing all daily operations, including Administrative, Customer Relations, and Technical departments. She is responsible for executing and sustaining AdvanTech's corporate initiatives.

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bruno calouro

Chief Technology Officer, Vice President

Bruno brings more than 20 years of technical experience to AdvanTech, overseeing Technology and Sales. His strength in Business Technology and Intelligence is a key asset to our firm. As an entrepreneur, Bruno also has experience in the automobile and non-profit sectors.

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John Rossi

Senior Network Engineer

John has been a strong technology leader at AdvanTech for over a decade, contributing to network engineering, project management, and custom development.

Brian Lech

Solutions Architect

Brian bridges the gap between complex technology and business needs. He translates business requirements into effective IT solutions, testing and modifying systems to ensure they run smoothly and efficiently.

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What Makes Us Different

Unique Solutions

We don't offer Chief Technology Officer services as an add-on - it's included in our base services because we know that providing the right leadership is the only way to accomplish your unique goals. It's our busines to protect your business and data. We use advances managed security practices to do just that.  

IT Management
Proactive IT Management

We don't wait around for something to break so we can fix it. By using remote monitoring and management, we detect and solve the problems that could impact your business now, so you don't run into IT issues later on.

No Long-Term Contracts

We don't want you to do business with us because you can't get out of a contract. Our clients stay with us (many for over a decade) because they want to, we think you will too.

Response Time
Unmatched Response Time

Do you hate waiting days or even weeks for an issue to be resolved? Great - we hate it too. We take cyber security as seriously as you do. We respond to most tickets within minutes and solve most problems within hours.

Our Core Values

No matter how our business continues to grow and evolve, our core values remain true. We live by these values - they're in our DNA - and we do it because they allow us to better serve our customers.
Innovation is a Requirement

You want to be able to break new ground in terms of what you can do, but that's going to be hard if we don't do the exact same thing with the resources we provide to you. We don't just keep up with the latest technology - we live on the cutting edge.

The Client Comes First

Every step we take is made with your best interests in mind. Making the most positive, meaningful impact on our clients isn't just what keeps us going - it's why we exist.

Integrity Above All Else

We will always give you our unfiltered, honest opinion, no matter what. And we love working with honest businesses who do the same.

Call to Get Started

Call us at (508) 676-7800 or select "Let's Talk" to schedule your call with one of our senior engineers. We can't wait to get to know your business.