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IT Support For Manufacturing Businesses

For manufacturing businesses in particular, poor IT means more than just computers that are slow to boot or other relatively minor inconveniences. It means that work order processing is slow - meaning that you're needlessly delaying your ability to get paid for essential work you've already done. It means that legacy software you need to maintain isn't compatible with your current infrastructure, creating frustrating and time consuming "workarounds." It means that even a small IT issue could potentially grind your production line to a halt... thus taking your revenue along with it.

These are the types of problems that you do not want to deal with as a manufacturer.

At AdvanTech, we don't want that either - which is why we've designed a wide array of manufacturing-specific services that were literally built with businesses like yours in mind.

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A Unique Industry

Requires a Unique Approach

If your current IT provider doesn't understand your manufacturing business on a granular level, the best you can hope for in terms of an infrastructure is something that "works for the most part, kind of, sometimes." But when you partner with a company like AdvanTech that brings years of industry-specific experience to the table, you get access to a number of benefits like these:

  • Proactive maintenance, which is far more cost effective than the "break/fix" services model.

  • Security solutions designed to address ALL of the unique threats manufacturing businesses face, while meeting compliance and other regulations at the same time.

  • Mobile solutions that finally support all of your sales and engineering staff members while they're in the field.

  • Work order process optimization to make sure things get done the right way as quickly as possible.

  • Vendor management and support that finally allows your infrastructure to become a cohesive whole.

  • Support for both the legacy systems you need like those from Oracle to Autodesk AND assistance with leveraging newer technologies and platforms as well.

Our experience with manufacturing line of business applications includes, but goes far beyond:


Real Testimonials

From New England Manufacturers
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"Years ago our business collected data about its quality and manufacturing systems manually. The sheer volume of man hours required to analyze output were proving to be an issue. Over the course of our 15 year relationship with AdvanTech, we've been able to setup a Quality Manufacturing monitoring system. This has allowed us to grow as a Company with the same quality infrastructure and approximately the same headcount.

AdvanTech also helped us implement a custom Production System, with downtime reason codes and tools in place to increase efficiency. In conjunction with these efforts, AdvanTech installed large LED displays throughout our production plant so we always have actionable, real-time intelligence of our operations in view. Over a decade later, we continue to work hand-in-hand with AdvanTech and make improvements to our infrastructure every day, raising our own goals, thresholds, and productivity."

Jeff Messier
Jeff Messier

CFO, Precise Packaging

Fall River, MA

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Ready to work with an IT provider who doesn't just have experience, but has manufacturing experience?

More than anything, we at AdvanTech understand the unique challenges that you face as a manufacturing business, along with the unique approach to IT it's going to take to overcome those challenges in the long-term.